Snake Eyes Piercing: What You Need To Know

snake eyes piercing

Tongue piercings have been around for a while; in the late 1980s and early 1990s, they became increasingly popular. People adore them because they can be concealed than other piercing styles—as long as you learn how to talk around the jewelry—and they provide a sensual appeal that people appreciate.

People are increasingly interested in making their tongue piercings distinctive as tongue piercing popularity grows. This has resulted in piercing kinds such as multiple tongue piercings, surface tongue piercings, and the snake eyes tongue piercing.

Because the snake eyes tongue piercing is placed in front of the mouth, those considering it must be aware of potential hazards and must do more than usual to heal properly. After a few days, it’s unusual for people to get used to the jewelry in their mouths, and it’s not uncommon for them to lose teeth while doing so.

Many piercers advise against this piercing, yet we understand how difficult it may be to let go of a decision once you’ve made up your mind. We want you to have a safe piercing and a successful healing experience, so we’ve put up a guide that explains the dangers of this piercing, how to do it safely, and what you should do afterward. Here’s everything you need to know about getting a snake eyes tongue piercing.

What Is Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing?

The snake eyes piercing is done at the tip of the tongue. The jewelry ends will appear like snake eyes, and your tongue may resemble a snake peeking out of your mouth when you stick out your tongue.

snake eyes piercing

This piercing, which appears to be a double piercing because the jewelry’s ball ends protrude on either side of your tongue, falls under the category of surface piercings. The piercing is therefore a single, continuous piercing with a curved barbell inserted. This makes it ideal for individuals who want a double-pierced appearance without having to go through two piercings.

Although this piercing is generally very safe, there are certain hazards associated with it. The jewelry is particularly appealing to chew on since it chimes, and the piercings are located in two separate muscles of the tongue, which may cause problems.

How much time does The Snake Eyes Piercing Take To Heal?

The healing time for the snake eyes piercing will be at least eight weeks. Remember that this is just an estimate; even if you do everything correctly, it might take longer to heal. Because of this, you should have your piercer check for any problems with your piercing before quitting aftercare exercises or changing jewelry.

You can expect swelling and discomfort in your tongue for approximately the first week after piercing. As a result, to account for swelling, you’ll need to get a longer jewelry piece at first. You’ll need to be particularly careful while adjusting to the new jewelry in the early days of healing. It’s a good idea to start with soft foods so that you don’t have to chew as much. Also, avoid talking as much as possible because moving your tongue will jolt the jewelry and cause it to be rejected.

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Snake Eyes Piercing Aftercare

A snake eyes piercing’s healing procedure is the same as any other oral piercing. Aftercare solution two to three times a day is recommended. It’s important to keep your piercing clean because it’s in the mouth. (After cleaning your piercing with every meal, it’s a good idea to rinse it to clear any food crumbs.) Many piercers may advise using a safe gargling aftercare solution made specifically for oral piercings.

snake eyes piercing aftercare

Snake Eyes Piercing Aftercare Requires Regular Dental Care.

Do not use mouthwash with alcohol in it. It will irritate the piercing, and it will hurt. You should also avoid eating spicy or pungent foods while your tongue piercing heals, in addition to drinking mouthwash with alcohol. Avoid any activities that you wouldn’t want to expose a fresh wound to.

You should also pay attention to the size of the jewelry. To accommodate swelling, your piercer will attach a larger start-of-the-process jewelry item to you. This will help avoid problems like embedded jewelry, but it will also make your jewelry more difficult to access. After the inflammation subsides after a week or two, see your piercer to have a smaller piece sized for you.

In contrast, you should keep an eye on your piercing in the first week to make sure that the initial jewelry you’re wearing is big enough. A piercing is considered safe only if the jewelry doesn’t touch or press against your tongue. Your piercing holes might become swollen, and you don’t want your jewelry’s ball ends to bang against each other. If your jewelry is pressing against your skin or it feels uncomfortable, see your piercer right away.

Snake Eyes Piercing Process

As with every piercing, double-check that your piercer is reputable and look around the studio for any potential hygiene issues before you get pierced. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the studio ahead of time to ensure that they follow safety procedures, such as having an autoclave sterilizer on-site and possessing all of the necessary permits.

The procedure for a snake eyes piercing is similar to that of other surface piercings. To ensure that they put your tongue in a location that doesn’t pierce any nerves or blood vessels, your piercer will examine it. You should clean your mouth with an antiseptic rinse that kills germs. Then, they’ll note the puncture points and have you confirm placement. Remember that placement is largely determined by your tongue’s structure, and your piercer will need to pierce it in a safe manner. While you may influence its position somewhat, the majority of the decision will be influenced by your tongue.

Before you go, make sure that you thoroughly research your piercer.

Finally, you’ll stick your tongue out as far as possible, and the piercer will insert a sharp, hollow needle into your piercing and thread the jewelry through at the same time.

Piercing your tongue’s tip is typically more unpleasant than piercing it in the middle, so if you’ve had a traditional tongue piercing before, keep in mind that you may feel somewhat more pain. However, the process should be quick, and it’s frequently less painful than people think.

Snake Eyes Piercing Risks

The snake eyes piercing is highly scrutinized in the piercing world. Many piercers refuse to do this piercing type, and many would advise against it. Those who perform it generally recommend against it, but they’ll go ahead with it since they want to make sure you’re getting pierced safely. It’s critical to fully think about these hazards before getting this piercing, and if you’re not sure what style to go for, you might want to reconsider.

This piercing passes through two distinct tongue muscles that are not connected to one another. Many piercers are concerned about the long-term effects of piercing these two muscle groups with a horizontal barbell.

The placement of the accessories also causes issues. Any piercing in or around the mouth has some oral risks. You can gnaw on the jewelry, which might result in tooth fractures. When you talk, the jewelry might rub against your teeth and gums, causing receding gums lines and enamel wear over time, which can lead to tooth decay. Snake eyes piercings, like lip piercings and normal tongue piercings, can be placed in a way to minimize this damage; however, snake eyes piercings will undoubtedly rub against your teeth frequently, raising the risk of tooth damage.

It’s also quite likely to have your jewelry rejected. When you talk, the end of your tongue moves a lot, which will jar the jewelry within your piercing—a big no-no while it’s healing. This is because snake eyes piercings are often rejected, which can lead to scarring and other issues.

If you’re looking for the next hottest piercing, the snake eyes piercing might be a great choice for your collection. There are, however, certain dangers associated with the piercing. If you’re completely committed to this piercing style and believe the dangers are worthwhile, find a qualified piercer with the necessary skills to do it safely and effectively.

Keep in mind that finding a competent piercer who is willing to perform this piercing may be difficult, so don’t pick the first one who says they’ll do it. You’re seeking someone that has worked with this specific piercing sort and can pierce you safely. (This may imply taking a drive to the nearest city to locate a trustworthy piercer if you live in a rural area.)

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing Jewelry

While you decide if the snake eyes piercing is right for you, take a look at these curved barbell pieces, which are available in different sizes.

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